It’s all about you…

During the UXPA Conference, you and your fellow conference attendees create the Unconference sessions. You choose a topic to present. You decide which topics are chosen. So open your mind. Listen. And enjoy yourself!

How It Works

During the first day of the conference, anyone can propose an Unconference topic to present on the afternoon of the final day. Each Unconference topic will be a 20- minute lightning session: 10 minutes per topic followed by 10 minutes for Q&A.

Once the Unconference topic submissions close, everyone votes for the sessions they want to attend. A total of six topics will be selected based on the attendees’ votes.

The Unconference Sessions will be on the last day of the conference.

Photo of dot voting board for proposed unconference sessions at  UXPA 2013.Topic Submissions

There will be a designated spot to post your topic submissions at the conference. Check your registration packet and follow announcements at the conference for all the details.

Topic Duration

A maximum of 10 minutes will be allotted for each topic presentation, followed by 10 minutes of Q&A.

Topic Content

You can suggest any non-commercial topic related to user experience from any perspective. Some examples: host a show and tell, throw a challenge to your fellow professionals, host a question-and-answer session, teach a new technique, run an interactive usability game. Be creative. Be bold.

Photo of Bapu Kaladhar presenting his unconference session at UXPA 2013Presentation Format

As a presenter, you decide which format works for your topic. A projector will be available in the presentation room. If you need any other materials, work with the Unconference committee chair (Aline Baeck) or ask at the conference reception desk. Based on past Unconference feedback, it’s a good idea to include slides in your presentation. However, if you can captivate the audience without slides it’s up to you.

Advice for Unconference Presenters

  • Don't feel that you have to "fill" the 10 minutes for the presentation and the 10 minutes for the Q&A. If what you have to say only takes 5 minutes and there are no questions from audience, end the session and give the next presenter a chance to start early. If you have more to say than fits in 10 minutes or there are more questions, share your contact information with attendees and ask them to contact you.
  • There is a special mix of experience and opinion in the room and that's the beauty of the Unconference. Never assume people know the same as you. Relax and have fun. If you’re smiling, things will be a lot more enjoyable for both you and your audience.
  • Don't be scared to pick tough topics.
  • Cultivate a point of view.
  • Prepare for the unexpected, such as your slides not working or a malfunctioning microphone. Just keep moving forward on your topic; remember you only have 10 minutes!

Photo of Suzi Shapiro presenting her unconference session at UXPA 2013FAQ

Where can I get the presentation template?

There is no specific template for presentations. It is up to you to create slides if you need them.

Do presenters of Unconference sessions get a discount on the conference registration?

No. The Unconference is intended to make you famous for 10 minutes—20 if your Q&A goes well.

What do past Unconference attendees say about the Unconference?

“Fun to hear, a lot of unique speakers.”

“Innovative, unique, varied.”

“Very cool!!! This was better than I expected. Glad I stumbled into it.”

“Great way to gain fantastic small tidbits of information. Please do this every year.”

More Questions?

Email unconference2014@uxpa.org


(Photos courtesy of Tom Tullis)