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Some of the world's smartest minds have come to discuss user experience and its impact on business.

AbiReynolds's picture
Abi Reynolds

about Abi

albertasoranzo's picture
Alberta Soranzo

about Alberta

ahatter's picture
Alicia Hatter

about Alicia

Aline_Baeck's picture
Aline Baeck

about Aline

Alison_Decker's picture
Alison Decker

Liberty Mutual
about Alison

alldelegates's picture
All Delegates

about All

amandasalter's picture
Amanda Salter

Newt Idea Ltd
about Amanda

Amanda_Stockwell's picture
Amanda Stockwell

Vitamin T
about Amanda

Amber_DeRosa's picture
Amber DeRosa

about Amber

amy.whitney's picture
Amy Whitney

Government Digital Service
about Amy

Andrew.Merryweather's picture
Andrew Merryweather

about Andrew

Andrew_Schall's picture
Andrew Schall

SPARK Experience
about Andrew

Anna Haywood

about Anna

Anna_Kirah's picture
Anna Kirah

Making Waves
about Anna

Annie.Drynan's picture
Annie Drynan

about Annie

Archie.Miller's picture
Archie Miller

about Archie

Benedikt_Salzbrunn's picture
Benedikt Salzbrunn

University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien
about Benedikt's picture
Beverly May

UX Awards
about Beverly

Bill_Albert's picture
Bill Albert

User Experience Center, Bentley University
about Bill

wgribbons's picture
Bill Gribbons

Bentley University
about Bill

bonny's picture
Bonny Colville-Hyde

Rockpool Digital
about Bonny

Brian_Utesch's picture
Brian Utesch

about Brian

Brooke_Baldwin's picture
Brooke Baldwin

UX Research & Design
about Brooke

Caitlin Rinn

University of Baltimore
about Caitlin

Caleb_Tang's picture
Caleb Tang

about Caleb

Carl.Myhill's picture
Carl Myhill

Goldman Sachs
about Carl

Caroline Jarrett's picture
Caroline Jarrett

Effortmark Ltd
about Caroline

Caroline_Little's picture
Caroline Little

SPARK Experience
about Caroline

Cecilia_Oyugi's picture
Cecilia Oyugi

University of West London
about Cecilia

Chris_Rourke's picture
Chris Rourke

User Vision
about Chris

Christopher_Bailey's picture
Christopher Bailey

about Christopher

Christopher_LaRoche's picture
Christopher LaRoche

MIT & Northeastern University
about Christopher

cgutierh's picture
Claudia Gutiérrez

Universidad Catolica de Chile
about Claudia

Colby Raley

Optimal Experience
about Colby

Cory's picture
Cory Lebson

Lebsontech LLC
about Cory

Craig_Peters's picture
Craig Peters

Awasu Design
about Craig

Dan_Purvis's picture
Dan Purvis

Communications Axis
about Dan

Dana_Douglas's picture
Dana Douglas

UserWorks, Inc.
about Dana

Daniel_Szuc's picture
Daniel Szuc

about Daniel

david_fiorito's picture
David Fiorito

EPAM | Empathy Lab
about David

David.Sloan's picture
David Sloan

The Paciello Group
about David

David_Travis's picture
David Travis

Userfocus Ltd.
about David

Dharmesh_Mistry's picture
Dharmesh Mistry

Liberty Mutual
about Dharmesh

Dominik_Dolezal's picture
Dominik Dolezal

University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien
about Dominik

Donna.Tedesco's picture
Donna Tedesco

about Donna

Elisa del Galdo-Miles

Blue Latitude
about Elisa

Elizabeth_Allen's picture
Elizabeth Allen

about Elizabeth

Elizabeth_Thapliyal's picture
Elizabeth Thapliyal

about Elizabeth

Elle Waters's picture
Elle Waters

Simply Accessible Inc.
about Elle

Emily_Chu's picture
Emily Chu

Motivate Design
about Emily

Everett_McKay's picture
Everett McKay

UX Design Edge
about Everett

Gavin_Lew's picture
Gavin Lew

about Gavin

gerred's picture
Gerred Blyth

Lighthouse Experience Ltd
about Gerred

Gerry.Gaffney's picture
Gerry Gaffney

Information & Design
about Gerry

HLRJO's picture
Heather O'Neill

Pixels for Humans
about Heather

hyoung's picture
Heather Young

Vitamin T
about Heather

Hubert_Turaj's picture
Hubert Turaj

about Hubert

Imeh_Akpan's picture
Imeh Akpan

about Imeh

Jack_Holmes's picture
Jack Holmes

Nationwide Building Society
about Jack

Jakob_Biesterfeldt's picture
Jakob Biesterfeldt

about Jakob

Janel Blattler

about Janel

jasonmesut's picture
Jason Mesut

about Jason

Jeff_Johnson's picture
Jeff Johnson

UI Wizards, Inc. & Wiser Usability, Inc.
about Jeff

jjulian's picture
Jeff Julian

about Jeff

jendalton's picture
Jen Dalton

about Jen

jenlouis's picture
Jen Louis

about Jen

Jennifer_Padilla's picture
Jen Padilla

about Jen

Jennifer_Chaffee's picture
Jennifer Chaffee

Design for Context
about Jennifer

Jennifer_Sutton's picture
Jennifer Sutton

JSutton Media
about Jennifer

Jill_Vacarra's picture
Jill Vacarra

Primitive Spark
about Jill

Jim_O'Neill's picture
Jim O'Neill

Pixels for Humans
about Jim

jim.williams's picture
Jim Williams

Government Digital Service
about Jim

Joan_Wortman's picture
Joan Wortman

about Joan

JohnAlexander's picture
John Alexander

AJI Software
about John

John_Waterworth's picture
John Waterworth

Usable Insights
about John

John Whalen

Brilliant Experience
about John

Jose_Abdelnour-Nocera's picture
Jose Abdelnour-Nocera

University of West London
about Jose

Julian_Hirst's picture
Julian Hirst

Tobias & Tobias
about Julian

Julie_Rennecker's picture
Julie Rennecker

The Management Doc, LLC
about Julie

Kamaria.Campbell's picture
Kamaria Campbell

about Kamaria

Kara_DeFrias's picture
Kara DeFrias

about Kara

katetarling's picture
Kate Tarling

about Kate

Kath_Straub's picture
Kath Straub
about Kath

Katherine.Wahl's picture
Katherine Wahl

MIT/Northeastern University
about Katherine

Kathi.Kaiser's picture
Kathi Kaiser

about Kathi

Kathryn Summers

University of Baltimore
about Kathryn

Ken.Hertel's picture
Ken Hertel

World Vision
about Ken

Laura_Keller's picture
Laura Keller

NTT DATA Experience Design
about Laura

Lea_Cuniberti-Duran's picture
Lea Cuniberti-Duran

Sage Research & Design
about Lea

Léonie Watson's picture
Léonie Watson

The Paciello Group (TPG)
about Léonie

Leslie Knuycky

Cox Communications
about Leslie

Lija_Hogan's picture
Lija Hogan

about Lija

Lilach_Bullock's picture
Lilach Bullock

Comms Axis
about Lilach

Lisa_Battle's picture
Lisa Battle

Design for Context
about Lisa

lisa.koeman.12's picture
Lisa Koeman

University College London
about Lisa

lorena.sutherland's picture
Lorena Sutherland

Government Digital Service
about Lorena

Manfred Tscheligi

USECON - Experience Design & Consulting, University of Salzburg
about Manfred

marcin.krecioch's picture
Marcin Krecioch

about Marcin

Marguerite_Bergel's picture
Marguerite Bergel

about Marguerite

marine.barbaroux's picture
Marine Barbaroux

Red Gate Software
about Marine

Markus Murtinger

USECON - Experience Design & Consulting
about Markus

Martin_Hicks's picture
Martin Hicks

about Martin

Matias_Duarte's picture
Mat’ias Duarte

about Mat’ias

Michael_Bechinie's picture
Michael Bechinie

USECON - Experience Design & Consulting
about Michael

Michael Dutton

Optimal Experience
about Michael

Michael_Kronthal's picture
Michael Kronthal

about Michael

michael.rawlins's picture
Michael Rawlins

ESPN / The Walt Disney Company
about Michael

ryaninteractive's picture
Michael Ryan

Liberty Mutual
about Michael

Mike_Donahue's picture
Mike Donahue

about Mike

Miriam_Donath's picture
Miriam Donath

about Miriam

Nigel_Bevan's picture
Nigel Bevan

Professional Usability Services
about Nigel

Noel Alton

University of Baltimore
about Noel

Ofer Deshe

Tobias & Tobias
about Ofer

Paul_Adams's picture
Paul Adams

about Paul

Raphael_Clegg-Vinell's picture
Raphael Clegg-Vinell

about Raphael

Ria_Sheppard's picture
Ria Sheppard

about Ria

Richard Bellaver

about Richard

Robert Pucher

University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien
about Robert

bobschu's picture
Robert Schumacher

GfK User Centric
about Robert

Robert_Thomas's picture
Robert Thomas

Liberty Mutual
about Robert

Rolf_Molich's picture
Rolf Molich

about Rolf

Rozina Sidhu Koskela

about Rozina

Ryan_Kasper's picture
Ryan Kasper

about Ryan

Samantha Yuen

about Samantha

Sarah Cavrak

Cox Communications
about Sarah

Sarah_Deighan's picture
Sarah Deighan

Next Century
about Sarah

shorton's picture
Sarah Horton

The Paciello Group
about Sarah

sarosresearch's picture
Saros Research

Maya Middlemiss
about Saros

Shannon_Halgren's picture
Shannon Halgren

Sage Research & Design
about Shannon

Sheri Sipsis

Cox Communications
about Sheri

Stavros's picture
Stavros Garzonis

about Stavros

Stephanie_Rosenbaum's picture
Stephanie Rosenbaum

TecEd, Inc.
about Stephanie

Stephen_Denning's picture
Stephen Denning

User Vision
about Stephen

Steve.Krug's picture
Steve Krug

Advanced Common Sense
about Steve

Steven_Hoober's picture
Steven Hoober

4ourth Mobile
about Steven

Susan_Mercer's picture
Susan Mercer

about Susan

T.S. Balaji

Cox Communications
about T.S.

borenmt's picture
Ted Boren

about Ted

Thomas_Blanchflower's picture
Thomas Blanchflower

about Thomas

Thomas_Watkins's picture
Thomas Watkins

Eazup Design
about Thomas

Thyra.Rauch's picture
Thyra Rauch

about Thyra

Tim_Bosenick's picture
Tim Bosenick

about Tim

timcaynes's picture
Tim Caynes

about Tim

timpaul's picture
Tim Paul

Government Digital Service
about Tim

tobii's picture
Tobii Technology

Joakim Isaksson
about Tobii

TomTullis's picture
Tom Tullis

Fidelity Investments
about Tom

tom.wood_1's picture
Tom Wood

about Tom

userzoom's picture
UserZoom .

Javier Darriba
about UserZoom

vaiva's picture
Vaiva Kalnikaitė

about Vaiva

Veronika_Winter's picture
Veronika Winter

University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien
about Veronika

Wei_Zhou's picture
Wei Zhou

about Wei

wficklin's picture
Wendy Ficklin

Primitive Spark
about Wendy

Xiao_Chen's picture
Xiao Chen

Alibaba Group
about Xiao

yaseed's picture
Yaseed Chaumoo

about Yaseed

Yossi_Erdman's picture
Yossi Erdman
about Yossi

yotamsahar's picture
Yotam Sahar

about Yotam

Zackary_Webb's picture
Zackary Webb

about Zackary

Zarla_Ludin's picture
Zarla Ludin

Motivate Design
about Zarla