UX Score: A new measure for characterizing user experience

Current techniques of measuring the usability of user interfaces fall short of capturing the whole experience. The field of usability has broadened to include aesthetics and engagement as important factors. As ‘user experience’ has emerged from usability, the tools that we use to characterize user experience have not progressed at the same pace.

The tool in most common usage – the system usability scale (SUS) – has been in wide use since it was initially published in 1996 (Brooke, 1996). Other scaling tools that capture pieces of the user experience are either indirect or proxy measures (e.g., Net promoter) or have seen limited adoption (e.g., QUIS, SUMI or AttrakDiff).

As a consequence, we have developed a broader-based tool that captures elements not only of usability but of the fuller dimensions of the user experience, called the UX Score. This presentation will cover the rationale, development, validation, factor analysis, and initial application.