UX Comics: Communicating Experiences and Sharing Ideas

When was the last time a document of yours was shared virally within a client organisation? Pinned to walls? Or even just read by all the client stakeholders?

Comics are a powerful communication tool that can have a role in boardrooms as well as playrooms. Words and pictures shown in sequence are easier and faster to understand compared to traditional documents. They can be used throughout projects to engage audiences and stakeholders. And people love reading them.

This session will explore why people like comics and how they can be used effectively within user experience tasks. We will focus on how journeys, events and scenarios can be shared using more than just words. We will look at how comics use non-verbal communication that helps readers to empathise with stories.

I will share examples of how comics have been used as a fast and easy way to explore ideas, share information and increase empathy with audiences and teams. You’ll get to see real comics I have made for clients, as well as ones by other comic makers.

I'll also give you a crash course in how to get started making your own comics. This includes basic drawing skills (suitable for the terrified as well as the confident artist!).

Session outline:

  • Comic history
  • Communication within comics
  • Comic anatomy
  • Case studies
  • How to make a comic