UX of Airports: Everything but the Flight

The UX of airports is particularly bad, and will only continue to worsen as air travel increases, given that security concerns have lead to longer processes and waiting times in airports, and airports built years ago are expanding in ways that make wayfinding difficult. There are four categories of UX issues that pertain to multiple areas of the airport. These are wayfinding and orientation, lack of control and unpredictability, different types of passengers requiring varying accommodations, and crowding and clustering of passengers. There are also issues pertaining to specific areas of the airport. These areas are the airport curb, check-in, the security check-point, the departure lounge, boarding, and baggage collection. Particular attention is paid to who the stakeholders are in each situation (e.g., security personnel, airline employees, airport managers, etc.) and what their motivations are. Potential solutions will also be offered.