True Intent: Why do people visit your site, and how happy are they?

Join us for a practical, hands-on tutorial on how to find out who is visiting your site today and how satisfied they are. Leave with an actual study built and ready to launch in Loop11.

How do true intent studies compare to other user research methods?

  • Remote usability testing can tell you how easy your site is to use... for the tasks you choose.
  • Surveys help you know how visitors feel... but lack performance data.
  • Web analytics tell you where visitors went... but not whether they actually succeeded--or were satisfied with the experience.


True intent studies bridge these gaps and help you learn what's really happening on your site. You’ll learn to:

  • Conduct a detailed failure analysis for even deeper insights.
  • Ask real visitors why they came and track where they go. 
  • Allow them to tell you how well they succeeded at their own tasks.
  • Build affinity diagrams of intents and problems that can shape your site strategy for years.
  • Apply shortcuts if you are tight on time or budget.
This tutorial teaches the basics and sends you home with a simple true intent study for your site or a competitor, ready to go. This is not just a theoretical exercise; after you get home, you can launch the test you designed by adding a few lines of script to your website.
Loop11 LogoEveryone attending this tutorial will receive one Loop11 license, valued at £200 (US $350). Thanks, Loop11!
Previous attendee feedback for Ted Boren and the True Intent benchmark:

"Great topic, good details, seems new, very useful."

"Great! Perfect level of detail, examples, how-to, success stories, shortcuts. To summarize - loved it!"

"I love the step by step directions. I feel like I can set up a true intent test tomorrow! Very clear and enjoyable. :)"

"His presentation was thought-provoking and packed with good information. Also, Ted should let his sense of humor shine through more often. He's a funny guy!"

"It was really eye-opening. I'll definitely advocate trying this out at work."

"This quickly became my favorite and most info-packed session [of UXPA 2013]."