The System Usability Scale Predicts Customer Satisfaction for Communications Products

A primary goal of UX Research is to aid design and product teams in making development decisions that enhance customer experience. Customer satisfaction (e.g., CSS) is one key to understanding how a product is received. Unfortunately this tool is most often used to evaluate satisfaction within existing customers as it inquires about the level of satisfaction a customer feels for an experience with which they have invested (i.e., their own time or money). There are instances wherein an early read on predicted customer satisfaction can inform new product development and/or existing product revisions. The System Usability Scale is a standard measure within the industry used to assess perceived product usability. This assessment can be administered throughout the life cycle of a product, making it an ideal measure to collect prior to product launch/re-launch. Thus, the current work explains the predictive relationship between SUS and the Consumption Satisfaction Scale (CSS).