Surveys in User Experience

We can find out whether someone has visited a web site by using analytics. We can find out whether they got to the end of a transaction by site tracking. But if we want to ask why (motivation), or whether that person considers that the visit was successful (satisfaction) then we have to ask them.

Welcome to the world of surveys. 

A survey can be a little question at the end of a web page, or part of a usability test, or a research technique in its own right: a flexible tool.

Why are surveys so easy to do, but so hard to do well?

This deep dive into the world of surveys is aimed at advanced user experience practitioners who want to draw on key topics from survey methodology and psychology to create better surveys.

In this practical 3-hour session, we’ll dive into better questions and better survey processes.

Better questions:

  • a good hard look at the System Usability Scale (SUS), the best-known questionnaire in user experience
  • how to use the four-stage process of answering questions to challenge how we write questions
  • explore the concept of satisfaction to decide how best to ask users about it

Better processes:

  • using ‘Total Survey Error’ (Groves) to balance cost and quality considerations when creating a survey
  • consider whether to aim for better response or better representativeness in the sample
  • recent results from the survey methodologists about the effectiveness of progress indicators and the use of paradata.

Expect to be challenged.

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