Standing Out To Get In The Door

Join BrandMirror's Jen Dalton as she shares key insights to help you clearly define your value and separate you from your peers. If you do not define your own brand, then others will define your brand for you. Companies like to work with people that have a great reputation and a great promise of value. Be credible in your space - discover, design, and differentiate yourself. Make it easy for someone to find you and want to do work with you.

Selling yourself is challenging, this session will help you learn how to stand out, how to present yourself and present your work. The majority of the session will focus on:

  • How to assess your current brand (in person and digitally)
  • Understanding what your strategy is and where you want to be with your brand
  • How to monitor and manage your brand moving forward for impact.

After the session, Jen will raffle off three 30-minute coaching sessions!