Research in Practice | Findings UX Professionals should know about

Need to catch up on the emerging research? Tired of slogging through papers that are… so dense they make your head spin? Or that don’t apply to anything you care about? Or both? 

This tutorial is for you. Research in Practice offers a fast-paced, engaging way to update your knowledge of emerging research about UX practices, methods and user behaviors. 

Before the tutorial, we sift through hundreds of peer-reviewed papers and distill them down to the handful of studies that matter to your practice. (We update the material every year.) Then we summarize the studies and translate the findings into concrete design-oriented take-aways that you can apply in your work. Hands-on exercises and (typically quite lively!) discussions explore the implications and demonstrate how the research can be applied in practice. 

You’ll leave the tutorial 

  • better informed about your design choices 
  • armed with recent research to diffuse those over-and-over again debates


Previous attendee feedback about Kath Straub and the RiP Tutorial:

"Kath is a great speaker. Very engaging, and her anecdotes were pertinent and something we could all relate to. Would love to hear her speak again."

"Super helpful, relevant, and immediately applicable information. I was engaged all day."

"Kath is an excellent speaker. The session actually made me think - ouch! I took away some ideas and exciting possibilities. Thanks!"

"Kath is an engaging speaker, and the content of the session was inspirational, informative, and most importantly it was actionable. I got ideas while sitting in the sessiona nd jotted down notes on what I'd want to bring back to my company."

"Some surprising updates to previously-established research."

"Love having more cognitive science and psychology presence. More scientific research like this!"

"Have more sessions on this topic. Kath is always worth hearing."

I think Kath's knowledge of the subject and her informed presentation style made this one of the most entertaining sessions."

"Awesome. Very relevant to me. Nice to see someone encouraging folks to question the status quo - after all, that is what keeps the field moving forward."

"Include Kath in every conference!!!!!!"