Remote usability testing – methods, tools and putting it into practice

Gain a solid foundation in remote usability testing techniques. We will cover why remote testing is increasingly important, what the options are and how to select the best remote testing method or tool based on your project requirements. 

We will then cover the technical aspects for using these tools as well as the related aspects for running a remote testing project including recruitment, project management, international cultural considerations and analyzing the deliverables. 

The tutorial will be practical, providing hands on exposure to some of the main remote testing tools available for desktop and mobile platforms. It will provide a forum for all participants to share their questions and their previous experience in conducting resting.

This, together with the take away materials to be provided, will give a solid information base and the resulting confidence to perform remote usability testing.


Image: Loop11 logo

Everyone attending this tutorial will receive one Loop11 license, valued at £200 (US $350). Thanks, Loop11!