Prototyping for Lean UX in an Agile world

Attendees will gain hands-on experience using a variety of prototyping tools and learn how to plan and execute prototypes for mobile devices, tablets, and desktop, and quickly iterate through a think-make-check process.

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SIX lucky attendees of this session will receive an Axure license valued at US$589 (~£345)!


Part 1, Tools – Prototyping tools and demonstration. Practical hands-on exercises using a variety of tools – Balsamiq, Pencil (open source GUI prototyping), Axure and POP (Prototyping on Paper app for Android and iPhone), and code-based tools like Ratchet.

Part 2, Activities – Sketching instruction for basic shapes like rectangles, triangles and circles. Everyone sketches ideas for an app and then turns to their neighbors to conduct a simple user test. Then they revise their sketches based on what they’ve learned. Everyone gets a chance to sketch, and everyone participates as a user.

Key points for discussion

  • Setting the stage for a prototype – framing the problem.
  • Who is the customer, and what are we trying to solve?
  • Real world examples of prototype iterations and final products.
  • An overview of prototyping tools for various media and fidelity.
  • Why quick sketching is important. (Attendees receive a free prototyping kit containing a No. 2 pencil, a sharpener, and blank sketch cards.)
  • Adaptive prototyping for all media – mobile devices, tablets and desktop.

Target audience experience level: Junior to Intermediate

Goals: Hands-on exercise will foster confidence and give attendees the ability to conduct thorough product explorations - and have fun while they are at it!