Pros and Cons of Alternative Strategies for Evaluating Web Accessibility

Compliance with web accessibility standards can be assessed in several alternative ways. While all are valid, the different approaches offer distinct advantages and disadvantages depending on the product, the audience for which it is intended, the stage of the design process, the make-up of the project team, and the project budget.

In this presentation, we will explore four main approaches for evaluating web accessibility, breaking down their pros, cons, and the scenarios in which they would be most appropriate.

The four approaches are:

  1. Enterprise-wide automated tools
  2. Heuristic inspection by an accessibility specialist
  3. Heuristic inspection by a pair of accessibility specialists, one sighted and one unsighted
  4. Usability testing by participants with disabilities

Attendees will gain familiarity with several accessibility evaluation methods. They will also be challenged to think about the most appropriate strategy to use in particular situations.