Positive Design Impact

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Reality check: making a positive, measurable design impact at the UI layer is only a small part of the user experience story. We have a much greater responsibility, to both learn about and affect positive change in other layers of our organizations, and their products and services.

In this workshop, we'll discuss how to deliver better, more impactful design in our organizations. We'll look at personal skills, cultures, teamwork and collaboration, methodology, technology, and the importance of choosing the services and products we work on. This session will help you to:

  • Understand your potential to become a UX leader by assessing your goals, your strengths, and your gaps.
  • Define a personal UX plan to monitor your design impact.
  • Create an "organisational lens" to assess a company's culture, context, and receptiveness to UX.
  • Appreciate the diverse skills and backgrounds a UX team requires and how to work together to ensure success.
  • Highlight the importance of design research in uncovering customer truths and stories.
  • Avoid "rubber stamp" research that doesn't lead to real improvement.
  • Face the challenges of practicing UX in an increasingly global environment.

There are no position papers or prerequisites for this workshop.