Maximizing the impact of UX in an agile environment: Mixing Agile and Lean UX.

When companies adopt an agile development environment, UX teams often feel like they just lost their seat at the table. It’s never easy to change, but by adapting your UX practices to accommodate agile, you can have the impact on design you always wanted.

This talk is divided into three acts. First, we present the trend we are seeing across enterprises and startups: The rise of agile and how it clashes with traditional UX frameworks. Second, we describe how the UX teams of three enterprises are adapting to agile development processes by using different approaches to the “mixing” of agile development and lightweight Lean UX methodologies.

Third, we reveal what’s worked (and hasn’t) in our lessons learned and provide recommendations for other enterprises on the optimal ways to change your practices, adopt Lean UX, and have the greatest UX impact in a sprinting-and-agile environment.