Integrated Use of Responsive and Adaptive Web Design

A debate has raged for several years, sparked when Responsive Web Design (RWD) became a big deal. On one side, the hoary defenders of Adaptive Web Design (AWD), the old school ballers. On the other, the proponents of One Web, the new school, the Responsive Web Design upstarts.

The UX blog-o-sphere is rife with points of view, contradictions and comparisons, pro-this/anti-that rants, and a slew of info-graphics purporting to answer the questions once and for all.

So which approach is best: AWD or RWD? The answer is BOTH. These two design philosophies are not mutually exclusive, and elements of both can be combined to create truly optimal web experiences across devices. By removing the constraints of using a single approach over another, it becomes possible to draw from each to employ a broader set of tools for solving UX problems in an omnichannel world.