Gamification in e-Commerce

Since 2010, gamification has started being popularized as the next big thing. But it is not simply replicating game elements to manipulate the target audience. The key is to drive engagement and actions. Companies need to deeply appreciate the characteristics of the people and the culture, develop suitable playing fields and game mechanics, and design idealized user experience.

In order to analyze how gamification works in complicated business context, this presentation focuses on gamification in e-Commerce. Firstly, factors that influence shopping motivation are analyzed, and the different applications of gamification for common purposes and for e-Commerce are compared. Secondly, a case study on gamification in the two biggest online ‘Shopping Sprees’ in China is presented. The detailed case study will inspire the attendees on how to define playing fields between player motivations and business objectives, how to choose game mechanics based on culture, and how to design game-like user experience to motivate the intended audience.