Developing a Manifesto for Accessible UX

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We sense a paradigm shift from technical accessibility towards accessible user experience. We’ve seen the benefits that inclusive design can contribute to product usability and desirability, and we’ve been shown a more inclusive approach to UX by Whitney Quesenbery and Sarah Horton in their book “A Web for Everyone.” But shifting from a conformance approach to accessibility to integrating it holistically into the design process is a logistical, organizational and technical challenge for UX professionals and their colleagues.

Hear our Manifesto for Accessible UX, in which we set out an approach to delivering accessible UX in the real world, based on our own many years of experience in the field. Have the opportunity to contribute to developing the Manifesto into something the profession can use to create genuinely inclusive high-quality digital experiences.


This workshop is relevant to a wide range of roles, including designers, developers, user researchers, usability specialists, product managers, policy makers, strategists, and leadership. Attendees should come with a commitment to accessibility, a desire to apply a holistic and sustainable approach to accessibility, and a readiness to discuss what's needed to make it so. In other words, this workshop picks up at the "how" and not the "why" of Accessible UX. Attendees will leave the workshop with some immediate actions and resources, so that together we may move Accessible UX forward.

We will be sending out a pre-workshop survey to registered attendees. The purpose of the survey is to get a sense of the background, experience, and Accessible UX awareness of the workshop attendees.

Interested in Accessibility? Consider our premium tutorial, Inclusive Design: A Strategy to Deliver an Effective Mobile User Experience, led by Chris Bailey, Caleb Tang, and Raphael Clegg-Vinell.