Designing Great Services Is Our Future: How Space, Time and Perspective Empower UX Professionals To Do More

Another day, another web site (or application... or mobile site).... Are you beginning to feel uninspired in your job creating digital interfaces? After several years doing UX, many senior professionals begin to question, "what's next?" This presentation discusses service design as the next opportunity for UX professionals to create great experiences and how the service sector, from bike-sharing to co-working spaces, is a critical driver in the global economy. The presentation will cover the core tenets of motivating behaviors within a service - space, time and perspective - and why UX professionals are perfectly poised to design great services because of their ability to understand these elements. From kiosks and wayfinding to mobile and call centers, UX professionals will be encouraged to disrupt their UX world where being "user-centered" is paramount and motivate them to think bigger about the impact they can have on people's experiences.