The Design Studio: The User Experience Practitioner’s Secret Weapon

We all want the best user experience, but often other priorities get in the way: “Bob from Marketing wants it to…”, “The developers don’t like that approach...”, “That feature is a ‘nice to have’”. 

What if you had a tool that can help non-UX folks sharpen their UX skills, get them focusing on the users and their goals, and align everyone on a common vision that revolves around a user experience that the UX team creates?

This hands-on tutorial will walk you through a design studio and how it can be a great tool to align product owners, developers and UX teams on an approach that balances user and business needs. We’ll also show you how to conduct a “mini design studio” before an agile sprint.

You’ll gain hands-on experience with different aspects of running a design studio through individual and group exercises throughout the tutorial.

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