Data Visualization for Dashboards, User Interfaces, and Presentations

Come and develop your skills within the increasingly key area of data visualization. In a world obsessed with "big data" and the gathering of information, there is a rapidly growing demand for visualizing this data in a way that actually works. This is a skill set that is taught in very few places, and is rarely done effectively in practice. UX is the profession most poised to dominating data visualization in the future. Everyone in the world requires relevant information to complete their jobs, and it is impossible for users to be motivated to take action on information that they cannot even see! So let's explore how to enlighten people with information.

This tutorial is a practitioner's guide to solving real-world data visualization problems. Participants will learn how to leverage and bring relevance to a wealth of academically grounded information. Specifically, this session will cover the relevant psychological principles, the nature of data itself, the common different kinds of messages, and how to best communicate these messages visually. Participants will also have ample time to practice their skills over the course of this class.