Content Magic: Ways to Enchant Users & Transform UX

Are you as lost as a 404 page when it comes to the planning and delivery of content that truly delights users and transforms the user experience? Content is in the limelight as a top player on the UX stage at last, but shouting from the rooftops “Content is King!” will only get you so far. You need practical tips and concrete tools to make content magic happen.

In this full-day tutorial, Jill Vacarra and Wendy Ficklin from Los Angeles-based agency Primitive Spark guide you through the nuts and bolts of content creation with process info, case studies and hands-on activities. By day’s end, you’ll go forth with the know-how to conjure the kind of content that makes for wildly successful UX.

This tutorial is for:

  • Anyone responsible for managing their organization’s online content
  • IAs and designers who struggle with content in the UX process
  • UX pros who collaborate with content strategists and writers
  • Interactive marketers who want to create content that’s user-centric and business-friendly

Previous feedback for Content Magic: Ways to Enchant Users & Transform UX:

"The most useful and informative UX event I have attended within the last 2 years!"

"Jill & Wendy are clearly knowledgeable and experienced practitioners. They came up with a highly entertaining way of conveying a great deal of practical information."

"A content-rich presentation about making rich content. The tutorial was itself exactly what it talked about, a perfect demonstration of its subject: Content Magic."

"As a UX student, this [tutorial] has helped establish guidelines for me to follow as I transition into a UX professional."

"Coming from a marcom perspective, was great to get a refresher on tonality and to see examples of how even small wording/phrasing changes can totally change the experience of a website."

"Thanks for the advice on my real-life projects!"

"I enjoyed it. My brain is full!"