Choosing the Right Research Methods For Your Project

It’s very easy for User Experience researchers to get stuck in the rut of using your favorite research methods for gathering information and getting user feedback. But, are you really gathering the best information that you can? Or are there other methods that are better suited for your project’s specific needs? 

Don’t stress – we’ll walk you through the process of clarifying your research goals to make sure that you focus on the right problems. Then we’ll discuss the strengths and weaknesses of several methods for initial information gathering and evaluation – ethnography, interviews, surveys, diary studies, collaging, card-sorting, focus groups, desirability testing, and what situations they are best suited for. 

We'll then put it all together with a structured method to help you select the best methods for your particular project. We'll have plenty of discussion and real-world examples and exercises along the way. You'll leave with a good understanding of when to use which techniques, references to learn more about each of them, and a process you can use on your next project to select methods and provide a solid rationale to your stakeholders.