Architecting your UX career: Interview and presentation techniques to land your dream job

Approaching a job search can be a daunting task for any professional, but the UX world has a unique set of challenges. Our field is still relatively new, job titles and responsibilities are fuzzy, and there are varying understandings of what we can and should provide. There is no one clear path or set of experience that sets us up for success. Deliverables are often collaborative, covered by NDAs, and it can be hard to capture the many facets of UX expertise into a small set of documents. So how do we navigate the world of resume-writing, portfolio-creation, and interviewing to find a job that will be the best fit for the skills we currently have and allow us to grow into the practitioner we want to become? Get the inside scoop from a current UX consultant and former interactive designer, both of whom are experienced with vetting UX talent.