Aggressive Research Wins C-Suite Buy-In

Ten years ago, the usability community comprised small groups of knowledgeable people who were fighting to convince the world about the importance of usability. Today, thanks to the proliferation of web-based business, usability is an everyday term with many supporters. Unfortunately, many companies only pay lip service to usability and often neglect to incorporate it into a structured design process. Even if they try to incorporate usability, it is often done with an internal bias, from the perspective that their product is the best and only needs small adjustments in specific areas to beat out the competition. We found a way to reach the topmost levels of leadership and convince them about the importance of a holistic approach to usability. We discovered that the way to get buy-in from the C-Suite (CEO, CIO, CFO) is very different from the way we get buy-in from working-level managers and designers.