Motivación. κίνητρο. Motivasyon. Motivação. мотивация. Motivazione. モチベーション. अभिप्रेरण. Motivatsioon. પ્રેરણા. Motivaatio.

However you say it, that's our theme for 2014. In our profession, as in life, it's often beneficial to step back and consider why. Why do customers use the products we work so hard to perfect? Why do (internal or external) clients ask for our expertise? Why do we give it? Why do we do it so freely and with so much enthusiasm? 

From the littlest design problem to the biggest professional conundrums, uncovering true motivation is critical to achieving the right solution. 

Join us in London in July as we consider: 

  • What motivates our users
  • What motivates our clients
  • What motivates you
  • What motivates us?