Speaker Spotlight - Jason Mesut

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As part of their ongoing series on the UXPA 2014 International Conference in London, Futureheads colleagues Giorgia Rossini (Associate Consultant, UX Team) and Liz Inskip (Resourcer, UX Team Support) are interviewing some of the conference speakers. They're asking them about their own careers, the conference itself, and a few questions about the conference theme - motivation.

Jason Mesut: Storytelling in Design

Head of User Experience at London agency Plan, Jason has over 15 years of design consulting experience across a wide variety of sectors. He’s incredibly passionate about design as a whole, particularly around the joining of physical and digital design and how telling stories with design can improve experience. In this video, he talks with us about how storytelling connects to service design and shares his experience as an Industrial Designer who moved into user experience.

UXPA 2014 Conference: Highlights and Jason’s Sessions

In next part of our interview, we asked him some questions around the UXPA 2014 conference itself – both what he’ll be teaching us in his sessions and what he’ll be checking out at the event. If you’re looking for someone to chat with about the new, exciting work you’re involved in – he’d be keen to say hello!

Conference Theme: Motivation

We like to end our interviews on a really positive note, so we’re ending each one with a series of questions about Motivation. We think it’s not only a great conference theme, but it’s also a key factor in all usability work. In this video, Jason shares his thoughts on how he motivates others and what keeps him motivated.

Hopefully Jason’s enthusiasm is contagious and you’re ready to check out his sessions! His presentation, Bridging the Physical-Digital Divide, runs on Wednesday at 1:30PM on the Service Design track. He’ll also be part of a poster session on Thursday at 10AM with Storytelling for Design. Whether you’re an Industrial Designer interested in digital design or a seasoned UX Practitioner looking to explore storytelling further, there’s definitely something for you in his sessions. (As a bonus for blog readers, you can also take 10% off registration for any tutorial with the code tutorial10.)

You can see more of Jason’s thoughts on design on Twitter at @jasonmesut – do drop him a line and say hello if you’re planning to check out his sessions!