Speaker Spotlight: Aline Baeck

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As part of their ongoing series on the UXPA 2014 International Conference in London, Futureheads colleagues Giorgia Rossini (Associate Consultant, UX Team) and Liz Inskip (Resourcer, UX Team Support) are interviewing some of the conference speakers. They're asking them about their own careers, the conference itself, and a few questions about the conference theme - motivation.

Aline Baeck: Driving Innovation Through Creative Thinking

Currently working as Lead UX Designer at eBay, Aline comes to London via the US and brings 20+ years of experience to the table. Her passion really lies in design itself and pressing forward, driving innovation and progress through creative thinking. In the first part of our interview, she talked with us about how she broke into User Experience as a career and how to unlock innovation in our work.

UXPA 2014 Conference: Unconference and Aline’s Workshop

In next part of our interview, we asked her some questions around the UXPA 2014 conference itself – both what she’ll be teaching us in her workshop and what she’ll be spending her spare time doing at the event. Spoiler alert: Unconference is a big part of her plan this year!

Motivation in Design

We like to end our interviews on a really positive note, so we’re ending each one with a series of questions about Motivation. We think it’s not only a great conference theme, but it’s also a key factor in all usability work. Aline touched on the importance of motivation not just in terms of users, but also as a designer doing good work.

We hope that hearing Aline talk about her passion for design has you excited for her session on 23rd  July!  She starts off at 15:00 in the Westminster Ballroom as part of the Tools & techniques Track. We’d tell you more, but it’s all sold out! (However, you can take 10% off registration for any tutorial with the code tutorial10).

You can see more of Aline’s thoughts on design and innovation on Twitter at @alinebaeck, and you might spot a Futurehead or two hanging around as well – come say hello!