Speaker Spotlight: Alberta Soranzo

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As part of their ongoing series on the UXPA 2014 International Conference in London, Futureheads colleagues Giorgia Rossini (Associate Consultant, UX Team) and Liz Inskip (Resourcer, UX Team Support) are interviewing some of the conference speakers. They're asking them about their own careers, the conference itself, and a few questions about the conference theme - motivation.

Alberta Soranzo: Designing around Content

Alberta Soranzo is Director of UX at Friday, where she leads the experience design team. Having just moved here from California, she tells us how she stumbled into User Experience as a child growing up in Italy and what she thinks of the UK UX Community.

UXPA 2014 Conference: Highlights and Alberta’s talks

In the next video, we asked Alberta a bit more about her sessions. She will be running a full day workshop on content and design, and also an Ignite Session on how to manage change in teams. She also gives us some advice as to who go see and what to do whilst there. Take notes!

Conference theme: Motivation

We end our interview asking a bit more about the conference theme and how it relates to the talks. It’s also a great time to think a bit more about what we want people to be motivated to do, how we can help with that, and most importantly, what motivates us. Here Alberta tells us what she thinks about motivation.

We hope that hearing Alberta talk about her passion for design has you excited for her sessions on the 21st and on the 23rd at 11am. As an added bonus to blog readers, we’re giving you a 10% off the registration fee for any tutorial with the code tutoral10.

Also, you can talk to Alberta a bit more on Twitter here at @Albertatrebla, and remember to come say hi to the Futureheads team too!